My Music Statement

As a kid interested in music, you often dream about becoming a famous artist and earn tons of money doing it. Then you grow up a bit and you just want to become a well known artist who makes enough money for living from your passion. And then, you grow up even more and you realize that Internet is full of talented musicians and that becoming even noticed is very hard. At this point you have a job already, which provides some money, and music is just a hobby. You discover that music is a way to communicate with other people and share your feelings and mood.

Making music for me is a good feeling. I can express things I cannot express with words. I can give you a vehicle to travel to places I imagined when I was composing a song. But most of all, making music is something very special, because I can share it with people like you. We will probably never meet, but when you listen to my music, there is (somewhere, somehow) a connection between us.

For all explained above, you can get all my music for free. If you like my music, share it with your friends, share it with your social networks, but more importantly… keep listening.

My official releases are (and will come) available at bandcamp. Just click on the Buy Now button, and in the checkout window enter 0 EUR (or more if you feel like making a donation).

Also, at SoundCloud I publish often demos I make. You can download them for free too.