Why datavase?

Lots of people think datavase is actually database misspelled. Not at all. datavase is an anagram of my real life name. I found it one day making anagrams with the letters of my name and I liked it, so I use it as my artist name.

Why using an artist name instead of your real name?

Simply, I like privacy.

Why you do music?

Read My Music Statement.

Can you tell a bit about your music career?

This is only about me doing music as solo artist, with computers. Nothing about my involvement with other bands (where I played guitars and drums).

My first steps on doing music with computers were most probably (do not remember the exact date) around 1983-84, with an Amstrad CPC 464 and a program called The Music System. Didn’t do anything to write home about, just playing around with some melodies. Some day I have to check my Amstrad disks to see if there is anything saved.

Around 1992-93 I started doing music with trackers on PC. If I remember correctly, I was using Scream Tracker. About a year later I moved to MIDI, and started using Cakewalk. Whatever music I did, it’s collecting dust in some of the more than 300 diskettes that are still somewhere in my mother’s house. I printed some music scores from those days and I kept them with me. Thus, some melodies have found its way to some of the demos I released in SoundCloud.

Around 2008 I started doing music using an Atari 520 STe (upgraded to 4MB RAM, TOS 2.06, UltraSatan as HDD), using a program called MusicMon.

Later on, I started making more music more often. I started with Cakewalk Music Creator. My EP called Elements was done entirely with this software.

Currently I use:

  • Renoise 3.1 on Mac OS X, with various hard synths.
  • For chipmusic:
    • Atari Falcon030 (upgraded to 14MB RAM, TOS 4.04, IDE-SD card as HDD, NVRAM mod, SCSI buffer clock mod) with MusicMon v2.5 and Digital Home Studio v1.07
    • Amstrad CPC6128 (M4 Board installed) with STarKos 1.21

Which are your musical influences?

I listen all kind of music; classical, pop, blues, country, metal, dance, hip-hop, electronic, lots of soundtracks (both films and videogames), rock, folk, opera…

I do not think that my music is influenced by all these styles though. I would say that my main influences for creating my music are Jan Hammer, Alan Parsons, Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder, Mike Oldfield, Jean-Michel Jarre, Jeff Wayne, Bjørn Lynne and Tangerine Dream.

Do you play the instruments listed in your Studio’s Equipment section?

Yes, these are the instruments that I currently own and play. Since I was 16 year old I been playing guitar in different bands (pop, rock and metal). In 2009 I played drums in a metal band. The keyboard is something I acquired when I started composing music by myself and using MIDI software. I am not a pianist, but a keyboard is useful to play some melodies and chords that I use for my songs.

Can I use your music?

Of course! I will be more than happy to know that somebody has found any of my creations useful. All my music is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Just, please, send me an e-mail (to datavase at gmail) to let me know, and credit my work. Thanks a lot.

Can I donate some money to you?

Well, thank you, but at the moment I’m not accepting direct donations. However, you can do other things:

  • Share my music and share this site.
  • My official releases are (and will come) available at bandcamp. Just click on the Buy Now button, and in the checkout window enter whatever price you want.
  • Listen to my songs at SoundCloud or Spotify. Read below for more details about streaming services.

How can I contact you?

You can use facebook, SoundCloud or writing me directly to datavase at gmail.

Can I find your music on Spotify (or other music streaming services)?

To publish music on Spotify you need to use aggregators. These are third companies that publish for you in different platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Rhapsody, etc.). But, of course, for most of them you have to pay. Some aggregators require an annual fee, others a fee per release, and then some of them even take a part of your sales. I choose one that gives 85% of the sales. Considering that Spotify pays peanuts for each play (an average of $0.007 per play. source), and that the aggregator keeps 15%, I’ll be lucky if I see any money soon 😛 Anyway, here is the link: datavase on Spotify